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A 6-week Educational Series
June 6th - July 18th @ 11:00am PT

This virtual lecture series will be hosted via Zoom from 11:00am - 12:30pm PT beginning June 6th. The series will cover the basics of investing, the economy, personal finance and the role of a wealth advisor and is great for college-aged students and adults looking for a refresher. 

Course Syllabus for Summer 2022

June 6th Class 1:RIA Industry Introduction, The Great Financial Crisis vs. The Pandemic Economic Shutdown

June 13th Class 2: Learn the Lingo & Basic Economics / Finance

June 21st Class 3: Econ Basics, Cont'd - Stocks, Bonds & Alternative Investments

June 27th Class 4:Personal Finance 101 - The Road to Success 

July 13th Class 5: Investing and the Role of the Money Manager

July 18th Class 6: Portfolio Construction & Aligning Investments with Your Values


Please feel free to share this opportunity with friends, family, or anyone you think could benefit from this complimentary course.